Troop 4277 is an active troop, with a structure to support the main rule of Scoutmastership.

"Train them, Trust them and Let Them Lead," quoted from 'Greenbar' Bill Hillcort.  

This was written about many years ago, as the main principle of scoutmastership and leadership training in the Boy Scouts of America. The Founder of Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell wrote a book called, "Aids to Scoutmastership," where laid out a many guidelines to help scoutmasters in their role as teachers of Scouts. A scoutmaster, is not an authoritarian position. It is a role of teacher. In England, at the time of the founding of scouting, school teachers were called schoolmasters. Therefor, when the adult leader of troop was designated, he was bestowed with the title Scoutmaster.

Bill Hilcort Was an influential member at the beginning of the Boy Scouts of America. He became a protégé of Baden-Powell and laid out many of the principles of BSA, that are still used today. He helped form the principle of following the Patrol Method, which was the guiding principle behind Boy Scouts UK. He was from Switzerland originally, and founded his own troop as a youth and came to the United States to work as an exchange scout for a summer. He broke his leg while helping to move signaling equipment at BSA headquarters. While he was there, the one of the founders of BSA asked him what he thought of his experience in the USA. He said that what was missing was the use of the Patrol Method, so at the age of 23 he was given the task of laying out a standardized training program for Scoutmasters using the Patrol Method. So for over 60 years he kept the Patrol Method a central and successful theme of scouting.

The main focus of a troop is to support the Patrol and allow the boys to learn in a safe environment, while allowing them the ability to make their own leadership decisions, and learn from mistakes as well as achievements.

Troop 4277 values the principles laid out over a century ago by Lord Baden-Powell, and follows the practice of the Patrol Method in training scouts to be leaders.